Az Balabanian - Photogrammetry Artist & Cinematographer

Over the past year, Photogrammetry has become the basis of my creative production pipeline, and has led me to start crafting the future of "realtime filmmaking".


Everyday a Scan

pushing the limits of what can be done in 24hrs.

Everyday a Scan 2560 Copy.png

For a span of 30 days, I explored San Francisco the surrounding Bay Area by 3D scanning art, architecture, nature, grand landscapes, and ultimately the culture of each place. 

Open sourcing all my work for free on Sketchfab, led to my environments being used in projects from artists such as Boldtron, VRHuman, and Mike Murdock

The rigorous and time-sinking process of Photogrammetry forced me to get very efficient with in this art, and adept at being able to plan and execute on scanning any environment uncontrollable conditions. 

Combining a powerful DSLR with a small portable drone, I was able to capture busy street corners, packed museums, and windy beaches, all in the matter of minutes. 

Every week, I created a recap video talking about the backstories of each scan, focusing on my favorite details as well as revealing the technical challenges I faced in creating them.


Mars VR - Mars Desert Research Station (WIP)

Training grounds for future Martian colonies

As a Photogrammetry consultant, the Mars Society flew me to the middle of one of the most remote desert research stations in America, the MDRS. In the middle of one of the hottest summers, I was able to 3d scan with LIDAR and Photogammetry every interior and exterior of the research station in order to make a VR training simulation system.

The Artist and his Art - Doug Rhodes (WIP)

An Immersive Documentary

A real-time multiplayer Immersive Documentary following the work and character of San Francisco artist Doug Rhodes in his home and studio on Clarion Alley. 

Combining the two most powerful and transportive mediums I know, Binaural Stereo audio and Photogrammetry, you follow a journey through Doug's life and work, his inspirations and fears, resulting in his beautiful artwork.

I was approached by Colin Northway and his team to do a real-time Photogrammetry VR documentary piece. Teaming up with writer Joe Durbin, we found Doug, a fascinating SF muralist and craftsman with a studio within the famous street art Clarion Alley.

Armenia - (WIP)

an ancient land almost forgotten

Teaming up with the VR Photogrammetry experts, I led an expedition into the ancient lands of Armenia in search of art, culture, and prehistoric history.

We found millennia old monasteries, Greco-Roman Temples, and even a "Stonehenge" from 3000 BCE. 

Industrial Pipeline Scan

remote inspection

Pipeline stretch

Pipeline stretch

Teaming up with an unannounced stealth startup, I was brought in as a Photogrammetry consultant to supervise and scan a stretch of a pipeline in Northern California. 

We used multiple drones, DSLR's, as well as LIDAR to scan and reconstruct the geometry of the pipe's seems, which provide invaluable information to the inspection authorities.

The resulting mesh was displayed in VR for correct scale, as well easy 3D navigation.


Detailed images of the seams

Detailed images of the seams