The UX Development Story

The Problem


Wide open space

Following Navigation commands through a phone or a car's GPS, the momentary glances away from the road ahead could result in a fatal crash. The windshield is a big untapped area of real estate, and could be used to provide relevant driving information to the driver. The current windshield Heads Up Display (HUD) tech is a good start, but nowhere near AR's true potential. 

The Solution


By using future Augmented Reality technology, the system would display onto the windshield, visual elements in the 3D space ahead such as:


Painting the road to follow like the showing navigation like a Yellow Brick Road and displaying speed as an HUD element in front of you.



One of Tesla X's biggest features is the enormous windshield. It's big and nice to look at, but I think you could do more with space of that size. 

And using the height of the Panoramic roof for Alerts and Notifications