Importing Photogrammetry into Unity



  1. drag/drop into Unity (takes a while)

  2. rotate X by -90°

  3. select the obj (in project folder, not in scene), and in the inspector, select "Extract Materials”

  4. once that's done, select the materials, and in the inspector, change their shaders to Unlit > Texture

  5. then select the textures again, and in the inspector, change their import res from 2k to 8k

And there you have it!


Importing Photogrammetry into Tilt Brush


  1. drag folder into C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Tilt Brush\Media Library\Models


2. Launch Tilt Brush, go to More Options > Labs > Media Library > choose model


3. Choose lighting, and turn down the Main and Secondary Lights to 0 (so the mesh is unlit), and turn up the Fill light to full white. If you’d like to play with the color of the mesh, do so by playing with the Fill Light color.